Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soniak Kashuk Beauty Blender

I remember when sephora started carrying the pink beauty blender and it was all the rage because its convenient and supposed to give really good finish to foundations. At $20 per tiny little ball of sponge I was thinking, "Oh hell no! for a sponge? no way." When everyone started raving about it, like really raving about, I became really curious but still I didn't cave. When Sonia Kashuk came up with an alternative for half the price, I was seriously tempted and three weeks ago I finally couldn't hold out anymore. I paid the $10 and got the sponge and really waiting for miracles to never did. I first used it dry on liquid foundation, the finish was really streaky. Then I read reviews about how its best to use it wet, so I wet it with fix plus and tried it again with liquid foundation. The results were better but not amazing. Then I tried it with cream, the result was a little bit cakey and the finish was ok. It DOES NOT work with powder or mineral foundation, so don't even try it. After many trials, I started to give up on it. Then one day I decided to spray fix plus on it and use the sponge to pat my face down with fix plus and set the makeup. It worked well, it make the foundation less cakey and set my makeup all day. So its really good for patting fix plus into my face but honestly, any sponge can do that, I don't need to get a $10 one for that purpose. So in conclusion, I think its product is ok, not a necessity and not worth spending $10 on.

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