Saturday, February 25, 2012

Naked and Naked 2 Review

My video above gives an in depth comparison of the two Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Naked Original:
-warm palette for warm toned girls
-black has shimmer, not usable for everyday
-a lot more shimmer than satin and mattes, the shimmers are chunky
-the packaging is felt and shut with magnet, less travel friendly, has the risk of getting ruined in the suitcase
-really unique dual toned colors
-a few bucks cheaper, only $48
-no brush, dual ended pencil in black and brown
-less suitable for cool toned individuals

Naked 2:
-cool palette for cool toned girls
-matte black color more usable for everyday
-good range of satin, matte and shimmer but the shimmers are less chunky
-the packaging is metal case, snap shut, very durable and very travel friendly, not likely to get ruined in suitcase
-a few bucks more expensive, $50
-dual ended brush with flat end for packing on color and fluffy end for blending, no pencil
-really unique dual toned colors
-less suitable for warm toned individuals

Overall, I am cool toned so I prefer the Naked 2 palette but both are good quality so it largely depends on personal skin tone and preference. 

Swatches of all the Naked 2 Palette Colors, in order from left to right in the palette:

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