Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Oil Migamsu

Retails for $15 USD at The Face Shop store before taxes. Its a cleansing oil so what you do is get a few pumps on this on DRY hands (usually two is enough for my entire face) and then rub it on your face to melt away all the makeup. Then you wet your hands a little bit and once again rub on your face, the cleansing oil becomes a milky consistency. After 30 seconds of this second time rubbing, wash away the cleansing oil with lukewarm water and your face shop be clean and makeup free.

What I like about this product is the consistency, its more watery than some of the other cleansing oils I have used and I like it better because it feels less sticky and heavy on my face. It also smells wonderful which I find a lot of other cleansing oils have a weird smell to them. I think the consistency is less think because the primary ingredient is rice water. It removes makeup wonderfully, I don't feel like I need to go over it again with another cleanser. My face does not feel oily after I wash this product off. The size of the product is not very big but I think you don't need a lot of product. I think it can last me about three months. I think if you have sensitive skin or oily skin then this might be one of the few cleansing oils you can actually use because it will not break you out and it is not overly oily so it will not make your face oily. Overall, I really recommend this product and I do think I will be repurchasing it in the future.

The Face Shop
3825 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020
phone: (213) 427-0829

They accept credit card as well as cash, there is an option of signing up for a membership card which will earn you discounts when you spend over a certain amount. They are always very generous with samples and if you join their mailing list, they will email you when they have deals or specials coming up.

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