Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: The Face Shop The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF 20 PA++

Retails for $32 USD at The Face Shop stores. The picture above is what the product looks like next to its outside packaging

One of the best things I like about this product is the packaging, I like that its in a tube so its easy for to get to every last bit of product. I also really like that it comes with a pump, it makes getting the product out much more sanitary.

However, having a pump also has a product in that it gives you less control as to how much of the product to get out. One typical pump will give you a lot of product, more than enough to cover your entire face in fact. In that sense, you might be wasting a bit of product if you are using more than you need but I find that in order to better control for how much product comes it, you can press the tip of the pump where the product comes out against your hand. Press the tip hard against the hand makes less product come out and looser makes more product come out.

When you first spread the product out, it is more of a grey-ish tint. However, the color does change as it oxidizes to your skin color. Another con of this product is that it does only come in one shade. I am quite fair so it matched me well but if you are considerably darker, I'm not sure how well the product will oxidize to fit your skin color.

When the color is first completely blended out, its still a bit grey colored and appears ashy on my skin.

When the color completely oxidizes you can see that it does match my perfectly. And yes this is my hand  so the color is a little different than on my face but it does also match me perfectly on the face. This product is very moisturizing and it has anti-aging properties to it. I love that it comes with a SPF so on winter days when I don't want to use sunscreen I can just wear this BB cream and my face will still be protected. It also doesn't break me or clog my pores out and I do have very sensitive skin, in fact the sales lady recommended this BB cream for individuals who are prone to break outs. Lastly, it doesn't have any strong or over-powering scent which some might be sensitive too.

The pros:
-does not break me out
-has SPF 20 for sun protection
-has anti-aging properties
-very hydrating
-does not clog my pores
-nice tube packaging
-no over powering scent

The cons:
-pump can be hard to control how much product comes out
-only one shade so might not match darker colors
-$32 might be too pricey for some

Overall, I think the pros do outweigh the cons and this product works really well for me. I highly recommend this product for those with fair complexions but not to those with dark complexions. I am combination skin and it wasn't too oily for me but I'm not sure if it would be too much for those with oily or extremely oily skin.

The Face Shop
3825 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 427-0829

They accept credit cards and cash and they are always very generous with samples, if you should have any questions just ask one of the sales ladies. They are all very friendly and helpful!

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