Monday, March 21, 2011

Skincare and Makeup Haul: Feb/March Edition

So after being on hiatus for about two months, I thought I'd come back with a BANG! Its haul time baby! I've been sick and I've had finals for the almost two months I've been away and there's no better way to recover from all of that than retail therapy. I spent and spent and spent and hopefully you all will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

*warning! this post is very picture heavy, I love some good eye candy*

First, let's start off with some skincare products, specifically Asian skincare products. I've been obsessed with Asian skincare products ever since I had my first purchase from the face shop and loved everything.   I love the packaging, the fragrance, the texture and the results from Asian skincare products I've used in the past so they were definitely on the top of my hit list.

Laneige Haul: I picked up three products from the star white collection (the sunblock, the essence aka serum, and the refiner aka the toner). I also got a bunch of samples of the strawberry yogurt mask, the strawberry peeling gel, and the water bank cream

here are the products without the outside packaging

The Star White Refiner is aka the toner with whitening properties, price $27 USD. The Star White Essence is aka the whitening serum, price $31 USD. The Star White Protector is the sunblock with spf 40 and also whitening properties, price $28 USD. Total price paid after tax $99, I know Laneige now has a new whitening line called White Plus Renew but the reviews on it are still mixed since it is so new. The Laneige Star White collection has been reviewed time and time again with mostly positive reviews so I decided to get this collection instead. It is hard to find now that the new collection is out so look below to see where I bought these products:

The Amore (counter inside grocery store)
1635 S. San Gabriel Blvd. 
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(they accept credit card, no refunds but 14 days for exchange and must have original receipt)

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles Haul: I picked up the dolly wink liquid liner in black, a puraderm eye mask and 6 my beauty diary masks

The Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner was $15.99 USD, the Purederm collagen eye zone mask was $2.49 USD, the My Beauty Diary masks were $1.85 USD each however the store was having a special where if you buy 6 masks you can get them for $9.99 USD for all 6. Total damage was about $27.23 USD, definitely less than $27.50 USD. I don't know the exact name of the store but I got it from the Little Tokyo Village Plaza here in Los Angeles, CA. The address for the Little Tokyo Village Plaza is below, you would just have to walk around to find the store (sorry!):

Japanese (Little Tokyo) Village Plaza
335 East 2nd Street,  Suite 223
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(not sure if they accept credit card because I paid cash and I'm pretty sure there's no refunds)

Sally's Beauty Supply Haul: I needed shampoos and I really wanted sulfate free shampoo, I checked Sally's website before I went into the store so I picked up one bottle of One n Only Argan Oil Shampoo and one tube of One n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask

They were both $8.99 USD each, with tax total price paid was about $19 USD. I got it from Sally's Beauty Supply store, address below:

Sally's Beauty Supply
17574 Colima Road
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(they accept credit card and see their website for refund/exchange policy

Rock and Republic Haul: they had a warehouse sale 2/25-2/27 so I picked up one blush, three lip glosses and three eyeshadows

This is what they look like with their outside packaging, except for the lip glosses they didn't come with their outside packaging.

This is what the compacts of the blush and eyeshadow look like

This is what the actual colors look like. The Rock and Republic blush in the color Shameless $10 USD. The Rock and Republic eyeshadows were in Corset (pink), Carat (champagne/white), and Paranoid (purple) and I paid $10 USD for all three. The lip glosses were a nude, a pink and a brownish red color and I got all three for $10 USD. Total was $30 USD because there was no tax since it was a warehouse sale. Address for the warehouse sale:

Rock and Republic Warehouse
3525 Eastham Dr.
Culver City, CA 90232
(not sure if they accept credit card since I paid cash, no refunds or exchanges, all sales are final)

Ulta Haul: ulta is having a special right now called 21 days of beauty, each day there is a different beauty deal and it ends on April 2nd. I bought a Too Faced package with five of their best selling products along with a free brush. If you purchase any Too Faced product during the 21 days of beauty, you will get a free eyeshadow blending brush.

this is the box that the products came with and it really is a $102 USD value because four of the five products are full size including the Too Faced Shadow Insurance $20 USD regular retail price, Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer $30 USD regular retail price, the Too Faced Lash Injection and Too Faced Lip of Luxury Lipstick also full sized although I don't know exact retail price. Only the Too Faced Peach Leopard bronzer is not the full size but a smaller travel size but this entire package for $39 USD is a very good deal.

Information on all the products included as well as how to use all of them together

these are the products, including the free eye blending brush which is very good quality and probably anywhere from $15-$20 USD but I never bought any Too Faced brushes before so I don't know exact price for this brush

close up of all the products, again this was $39 USD with tax and everything was about $42 USD. I got it at Ulta and address is below:

Ulta Beauty
4041 Grand Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
(they accept credit card, visit store website for refund/exchange policy

Not too much damage for end of February and beginning of March....who am I kidding, its ALOT of damage but very needed. Hope you all enjoy this very lengthy haul!


Kristie said...

Great haul. I purchased the Laneige Blue color line in the past but it had too much alcohol. Is the whitening range the same? Thanks for posting the stores where you purchased these. Very helpful!

swtlitocherrie said...

the laneige star white line is alcohol free, I definitely made a point to ask about alcohol content when I purchased these products and the sales lady told me it was alcohol free. hope that helps and thanks for the comment!

Suci Permatasari said...

ur haul vey w.o.w

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