Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello Kitty Collection Eyeliners-Definitely On My Worst Hit List

Eye liners are among my favorite makeup items so when the hello kitty collection came out with both liquid and pencil eyeliners, I knew I had to try it. However, I must say I wish I didn't. These are probably among the worst eyeliners I have ever used and it makes the entire collection look really bad, in my opinion. What I thought was a stellar makeup line is looking much less stellar, more or so average and mediocre.

The hello kitty charmmy kohl eyeliner kit is $28 at sephora, the outside of the set is pictured below

the packaging is a light metal case with 7 liners with an array of dark and light colors

swatches of the light colors: a sky blue, a champagne color, a brown and a purple

 swatches of the darker colors: a dark green, a dark blue and a black

5 minutes after I did the swatches, I accidentally smeared my hand on my shirt and all the eyeliners smeared and rubbed. They did not stay put at all. So I decided to test it, I put the liners on a base and waited for 5 minutes and it rubbed. I sprayed setting spray on the liners, they still rubbed although not as badly as before. I applied the liners and then waited 10 minutes, still rubbed and smeared. The liners also swear easily with water. So basically the liners don't stay put, they smear and rub extremely easily. Definitely not worth the $28.

I was really excited for the liquid liner because it was skinny so it could give me more precision. The packaging is pictured below

The stick is fine and flexile but not flimsy, which I liked

The swatch of the liquid liner below

This again was a disappointing purchase and it retails for $16 at sephora. First of all, you can see from the swatch that the color is not very pigmented. The tip of the pen is also very dry, in color to get color you have to use the sides of the tip. It really hurt my eyes to put on this liner because the tip was so dry and hard. Again, this liner rubbed. I actually more it for a day with primer underneath and within a few hours it ran all over my face. I looked like a raccoon. It was not a pleasant experience and again, not worth the $16.

My suggestion, save yourself some money and don't buy the eyeliners from the hello kitty line. I ended up return both items.

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