Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello Kitty Collection Eyeliners-Definitely On My Worst Hit List

Eye liners are among my favorite makeup items so when the hello kitty collection came out with both liquid and pencil eyeliners, I knew I had to try it. However, I must say I wish I didn't. These are probably among the worst eyeliners I have ever used and it makes the entire collection look really bad, in my opinion. What I thought was a stellar makeup line is looking much less stellar, more or so average and mediocre.

The hello kitty charmmy kohl eyeliner kit is $28 at sephora, the outside of the set is pictured below

the packaging is a light metal case with 7 liners with an array of dark and light colors

swatches of the light colors: a sky blue, a champagne color, a brown and a purple

 swatches of the darker colors: a dark green, a dark blue and a black

5 minutes after I did the swatches, I accidentally smeared my hand on my shirt and all the eyeliners smeared and rubbed. They did not stay put at all. So I decided to test it, I put the liners on a base and waited for 5 minutes and it rubbed. I sprayed setting spray on the liners, they still rubbed although not as badly as before. I applied the liners and then waited 10 minutes, still rubbed and smeared. The liners also swear easily with water. So basically the liners don't stay put, they smear and rub extremely easily. Definitely not worth the $28.

I was really excited for the liquid liner because it was skinny so it could give me more precision. The packaging is pictured below

The stick is fine and flexile but not flimsy, which I liked

The swatch of the liquid liner below

This again was a disappointing purchase and it retails for $16 at sephora. First of all, you can see from the swatch that the color is not very pigmented. The tip of the pen is also very dry, in color to get color you have to use the sides of the tip. It really hurt my eyes to put on this liner because the tip was so dry and hard. Again, this liner rubbed. I actually more it for a day with primer underneath and within a few hours it ran all over my face. I looked like a raccoon. It was not a pleasant experience and again, not worth the $16.

My suggestion, save yourself some money and don't buy the eyeliners from the hello kitty line. I ended up return both items.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello Kitty Big Smile Lip Gloss in Watermelon

These Hello Kitty Big Smile Lip Glosses are available in the new Hello Kitty cosmetics line at Sephora for $16 each. It definitely places it in the high end price range. Its described to have a scent, although unspecified. I find it to smell like some sort of berry, very sweet and fruity although I can't really put my finger on a specific smell. Its described to be non-sticky but I don't find it to be true. It is definitely more sticky than the MAC lip glosses I own, and even more sticky than my Revlon drugstore lip glosses. It claims to be packed full of antioxidants and smooth your lips. I can't attest to the antioxidant part but it definitely smoothed my lips. It has tiny glitters in it that are very fine, so I don't mind them but others who dislike glitter in their lip gloss might not like it. I don't like that its designed to have a twist end where you twist it to have the product come up, it seems hard to control the amount that comes out. I do like that the applicator part is soft and flexible plastic so you can really work with it to move with the contours of your lips. Overall its ok, I would give it a 3/5 because it is a rather average lip gloss. $16 for 0.11oz of product that can run out quickly, I don't think its very worth it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nail of the Day: Loreal Fleur de Lis

I picked up this polish during the CVS 75% off sale awhile ago and tossed it into my collection box without really thinking about it. I discovered it when I was going through the polish and wanted a nice pink color for valentines day. I really didn't expect much from the polish because it was so cheap and I've never had a loreal polish before so I don't know about their quality. The color was really pigmented, I only applied two coats of this color and then the Seche Vite top coat. I think its a really nice mid-tone pink and its perfect for valentines day. For less than $2 its a great buy and I love it!

The Face Shop Haul: Affordable, Natural Korean Makeup

I've never really played around with Asian skincare before. I mean yes I have two Laneige products but that's the extent of my rendezvous with Asian skincare. I heard about The Face Shop from a friend and I've gotten their products for friends before and they all seemed to really like it so I decided that this time I need to try some for myself. I picked up quite a few products. I got my first BB cream from The Face Shop, a cleansing oil, and two sheet masks. The employees were kind enough to give me some soap samples, a mini lipgloss and some oil blotting sheets. I am super excited to try the products and from my experience, I would really love to go back. The service was great, they were super generous with their freebies and the products are great. Really good quality, smells good and my skin loves it. I can't wait to go back and pick up more products.

Hello Kitty Sephora Haul

Hello Kitty is probably one of my favorite characters of all time so when Sephora and Sanrio came together and created a makeup collection, I knew I had to save up and haul a lot of the products.

I picked up a lipstick, a cream blush stick, the roller ball perfume and the full size perfume

I picked up three nail polishes

This is what the roller ball looks like along with the packages

I got the liquid liner and a pencil liner case

This is what the full size perfume looks like inside the packaging

I got some freebies from sephora for spending so much money, I got the Tarina Tarantino pearl makeup base, the lancome bifacil makeup remover and a lancome mascara

I got a lipgloss in the flavor watermelon

This is what the lipstick and cream blush stick look like inside the packaging

This is what the eye liners in the case look like

The entire purchase was over $200 because these products in their super cute packaging was not cheap. Reviews coming soon!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Mini Zoya Nail Polish Haul

Zoya had a promotion awhile back where you can get three nail polishes for free and all you have to do is pay for the shipping so I picked up one color for summer, one color for spring and one color for fall/winter. For summer I got the bright yellow one called pippa, I've been on the search for the perfect yellow for a long time and I do believe I have finally found it. For spring I picked up Harlow, one of zoya's matte shades. For winter/fall I picked up the dark blue that is called Ibiza, again I have been on the search for the perfect dark blue for a long time and I think this one is perfect. Swatches of each color coming soon!

Finding the Colorful Spring Woman Warrior Within

I recently did this look for bebexo's four seasons contest on youtube and before you start thinking "wow this looks crazy" let me just explain what I did here. The contest ask to chose one of the four seasons and create a makeup look inspired by that season. I decided to do spring because I just love the bright and bold colors that often come with spring and I love the things that the season spring symbolizes which is the idea of renewal of energy, restoring of beauty, reviving the old and bringing in the new and having everything come full circle. So my eyes really represent spring with the bright and bold colors and the blue represents the sky and the green represents the earth and everything is connected. The secondary inspiration I drew from is that spring is a force of nature and just like everything in nature gets restored and renewed in spring, so are human beings and I think it particularly applies to the metaphor of what its like to be a woman. Women are truly forces of nature, women are beautiful and strong and are really like the bright and bold colors of spring. Women are warriors in their own right because they do have to fight various kinds of battles day in and day out whether its against sexism and other kinds of gender discrimination or just trying to make an independent life for themselves. Overtime, a woman who has to fight can lose her energy, strength and motivation but when spring comes again I hope that it brings with it renewed strength so that every woman no matter who they are or where they come from can draw on the power of nature and of spring to continue fighting their battles. The color markings on my face are war marks. When the Amazonian women go into war they use paint to draw marks on their faces to signify that they are ready for battle. I'm doing the same here, except I'm using colorful makeup to say that in the new spring season I declare my readiness to fight whatever obstacles come my way. I hope you guys can find this look amusing =]
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