Saturday, February 05, 2011

Finding the Colorful Spring Woman Warrior Within

I recently did this look for bebexo's four seasons contest on youtube and before you start thinking "wow this looks crazy" let me just explain what I did here. The contest ask to chose one of the four seasons and create a makeup look inspired by that season. I decided to do spring because I just love the bright and bold colors that often come with spring and I love the things that the season spring symbolizes which is the idea of renewal of energy, restoring of beauty, reviving the old and bringing in the new and having everything come full circle. So my eyes really represent spring with the bright and bold colors and the blue represents the sky and the green represents the earth and everything is connected. The secondary inspiration I drew from is that spring is a force of nature and just like everything in nature gets restored and renewed in spring, so are human beings and I think it particularly applies to the metaphor of what its like to be a woman. Women are truly forces of nature, women are beautiful and strong and are really like the bright and bold colors of spring. Women are warriors in their own right because they do have to fight various kinds of battles day in and day out whether its against sexism and other kinds of gender discrimination or just trying to make an independent life for themselves. Overtime, a woman who has to fight can lose her energy, strength and motivation but when spring comes again I hope that it brings with it renewed strength so that every woman no matter who they are or where they come from can draw on the power of nature and of spring to continue fighting their battles. The color markings on my face are war marks. When the Amazonian women go into war they use paint to draw marks on their faces to signify that they are ready for battle. I'm doing the same here, except I'm using colorful makeup to say that in the new spring season I declare my readiness to fight whatever obstacles come my way. I hope you guys can find this look amusing =]

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