Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm BACK! Jewelmint Update Review and GIVEAWAY!

Hey there beauty girls! Its been such a long time, so many changes but I am EXCITED to be back in the beauty world! No time to waste, getting right down to business.

I did a Jewelmint review back in June and honestly, I was not impressed. However, I got Jewelmint as christmas gifts from some of my very generous friends and so I needed to use them and give Jewelmint another chance. I have to say my impressions the second time around are not significantly better, only slightly.

Black Swan Cuff

Wel made and sturdy, however, the opening of the cuff is not adjustable and it is HUGE on my wrist. I have to wear it up high on my arm and then it leaves marks and indentations in my flesh. If I move around to much or move my arm a certain way, it comes off. Got this as a gift from my friend because it was too big for her as well.

Humanity Bracelet

Well made and can't see anything wrong with it but its so overly simple. In my opinion, not worth $29.99 so thank goodness I got this with credits instead of actually having to pay for it. Probably worth $2-$3 because it doesn't really take much work or craftsmanship and the material they use is cheap.

Laurel Drop Ear Rings

Only piece of the bunch that I actually liked, its very elegant and good for a number of occasions. Since its long, you can wear it with hair up or down and it will get noticed. Its well made and again I can't see anything wrong with it. In all honesty, do I believe its worth $29.99? Still no, the material again is cheap and to charge $29.99 is too much, probably$10 for this pair of ear rings. I like that it has a metal backing this time so it stays put on your ears.

and now finally the giveaway!!

Santa Fe Sunset Ear Rings

 I haven't even taken it out of the box, it looks to be well made and nothing wrong with it. I'm giving it away simply because its not really my style and I don't see myself ever wearing it.

Giveaway Rules:
1) must be a subscriber of my youtube channel
2) must be at least 18 years old
3) write something in the comment section, "enter me" or anything you like
Giveaway runs from Saturday 1/28/2012 until Saturday 2/4/2012 11:59pm PST. Winner will be chosen randomly. Good Luck!
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