Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lush Holiday Products Review part 1

So I bought these lush products about 3 weeks ago and I haven't tried everything yet but here are my thoughts on some of the things I did try. 

Sumo Santa Bath Bomb: it had a lot of fizz, actually about 5 minutes worth, I suppose because it is a big bath bomb. However, it did not create much bubbles and it turned the water a redish orangey color. Some have said that the color looks like blood, I don't mind it too much. It smells like citrus (a blend of orange and lemon) and it feels like there are a lot of moisturizing oils after the bath bomb dissolved in the water. After soaking in it for 20 minutes, it leaves your skin feeling very moisturized and the smell lingers but is slight and pleasant. For $4.95 I feel that it is a good purchase. 

Plum Fairy Sugar Scrub: it didn't smell really like anything and if you don't break up the scrub before using it, it will dissolve in one use as was the case for me. I felt the scrub was really abrasive for my skin and for $4.95 you do not get a lot of product. My skin and felt raw after using it, I didn't like this product. 

the regular Sugar Scrub: the green colored sugar scrub, also $4.95. I had similar feelings toward this, although I did break this up before using it in the shower so it lasted, however, it gets extremely messy when you break it up and I didn't really have a good means of storing it. Again to me it didn't smell like anything and again it was too harsh on my skin, I didn't like this product either. 

Glogg Shower Gel: its $8.95 for the 3.3 fl oz which is the size that I have, it smells like cinnamon and wine, a very masculine smell. The consistency is very liquidy, if you squeeze the bottle just a bit too much a lot of product runs out and you won't be able to really catch all of it. It lathers well and its very moisturizing on the skin. The scent fades when you rinse it off, it doesn't really linger. I liked this product but probably wouldn't purchase it because the smell is not my favorite. 

Snow Angel Soap (the pink star): it also smells very citrus like to me, oranges if I had to identify it. It lathers well but once it is rinsed off, very drying on the skin. I feel that's the case with a lot of lush soaps, its drying once rinsed. The smell fades when it is rinsed and so the nice smell doesn't stay. I don't really recommend it, too dry, especially bad for the winter time. I will have more review as I use more of the products.

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