Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

This is a pale green mask whose main ingredients are peppermint and ground aduki beans. Its $11.95 for the 4.4oz, which is the size I have and its good for three months which is a lot longer than most of their masks which are only good for a few weeks. Its a really thick paste that you spread on your face. Its extremely cooling, good for reducing redness and inflammation from pimples. It also claims to deep clean, which I'm not sure how well it works in that regard. Its so cooling that it definitely helped reduce inflammation on pimples for me, however, during the winter when its already cold it can be too cold for my face. It is also a bit difficult to remove, you really have to work a little bit to rinse it off your face. Overall, I think its pretty fun to try! Oh! and if you keep the black plastic jars and when you save 5 of them you can exchange them for a mask of your choice for free!

The first two pictures with my face in them are what the mask looks like right after it is applied and the second two are what it looks like when its dried and time to be washed off.

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