Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Brush is my new HOLY GRAIL!

So I have been wanting a new foundation brush for a long long looonnng time! I had the kabuki on a stick that I got from coastal scents and was using that for awhile. I gave me a ok finish in the beginning but it got streakier and streakier every time I use it and after one year I think it started to gave away. So I was on the hunt for the next best brush. I considered the sigma sigmax HD brushes which everyone on youtube raves about, but for $16 each and on top of that you have to pay for shipping and tax it was well over $20 for a single brush. I mean I got get the whole sigmax set for $45 but did I really need three brushes that you basically use for the same purpose or slightly different purpose? No not really, I have a lot of brushes, pretty much for every single thing you can think of so no I just need a foundation brush.

I thought and searched for a long time and finally about a week ago when I was in target I felt the sample   they had of this synthetic flat top brush and it was soooo soft that it basically convinced me to buy it. I must say I am not sorry that I did, its so multifunctional! It gives a beautiful flawless finish and blends so well! I used it on cream foundation, cream blushes, liquid foundation, even powder and mineral foundation it still works! I even used it for liquid highlighter (yes I was that daring) and it worked beautifully. Its so easy to wash because its synthetic and dries so quickly, it was $15 well spent. I want to buy a whole ton of these and give it to everyone I know because I love them so much. Its definitely a must have holy grail product for me!

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