Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mac Slimeshine Lipstick in Tropical Glow

This is perhaps one of my favorite lipsticks of all time, the color pay off is great, it has the same nice vanilla scent as all other mac lipsticks and and its extremely hydrating. The color is a dark peachy magenta color. It has some glitter specks in the lipstick but its very fine and you don't feel it when you wear the lipstick. The texture is like a gloss and it gives shine like a gloss would however, its not sticky like gloss. I love that the lipstick is skinny, I have small lips and it fits my lip shape a lot better than the thicker lipsticks. I paid about $10 for it because I got it at a CCO so its more affordable than the regular MAC lipsticks. I'm not sure if its limited edition or permanent but I have seen it at CCO's often. I included lip and regular swatches of the lipstick with flash and without flash. 

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