Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Birch Box!

Birchbox FINALLY got me a box that arrived before the month was over. After last month's drama with boxes getting lost, I thought I would get a curse of my birchboxes and lose every single one especially since California is about one of the latest places to get them.

Feast your eyes on this month's content...I must say I am NOT impressed, I do believe last month's box was much more worth it because this month the products were very small and not anything exciting. I will continue subscription for few more months before I decide whether I want to continue or not

First is the Bvlgari perfume in Jasmin Noir, I really do like this smell, I think its very me

AHAVA mineral hand cream, I've always wanted to try AHAVA products and I know that some received the mud mask and I was crossing my fingers that I would be one of those but no luck. I have used the hand cream and I must say I do like it, its not sticky, dries very fast and very moisturizing. I didn't check the price for the full sized product but something tells me it may be more than I want to pay for hand cream

Stila eyeshadow in mahagony, I have a Stila eye shadow in golightly which is very similar in color so I was kind of bummed that I didn't get a color with more diversity

Archipelago pomegranate soap, this smells amazing! I haven't used it yet but I am excited!

its got really pretty engravings in the back

and archipelago engraved in the front

sadly it is very small...

lastly a card from a company that you can get customizable cards

Again, it was not but not impressed. I hope next month the birchbox fairy is kinder to me and brings me cooler stuff!


Mara said...

I got the Ahava mud mask but I didn't get the Stila e/s. :( I love the color you got. Let's trade. :)

ThisIsAlx said...

awww I didn't think your box was that bad =] but if u already have something similar to the shade of the stila shadow then maybe it would be a good idea to trade with Mara =]

swtlitocherrie said...

Mara I would definitely be down to trade!! lets set it up!

Mara said...

I absolutely love Benefit's Boi-ing for everything. I do use it more on redness & blemishes though. Its a must have for me. No doubt.

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