Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jewel Mint Review

I give a very detailed review of the jewel mint pieces that I received, below are some up close pictures

First is the Versailles ear rings:

 Summation: I like that the ear rings are true to the pictures on line and are very sparkly and shiny, however, they do not stay on my ears. Ear rings that don't stay on your ears are pretty much useless in my opinion so I actually didn't end up liking this product. I paid $14.99 before taxes and shipping was free, I got it for half off because you can usually find coupon codes online for half off your first jewel mint purchase.

Second is the Black Keys Bracelet:

Summation: this piece did no have a clasp, making it very difficult to slip in and out of it. Also, it means that it is not a one size fits all because those with a wider hand probably will not be able to fit into this bracelet. The red arrows in the picture show some examples of the black spots on the bracelet that I talk about in the video, making it look very cheap. I paid full price for this which was $29.99 before taxes and again shipping was free. I do not think that it was worth $30 because it was made so cheaply.

Overall, I personally do not recommend jewel mint, I think the price is too high for poorly made products. However, I do keep in mind that perhaps I just had bad luck and got some bad pieces so for those interested please try out the products for yourself.


Mara said...

I wanted those earring so badly but they were sold out. Honesty I don't really care for Jewelmint. The sucky thing is that now I have to watch it every month so I can click "skip this month" so I can avoid that fee. Or call them and sit on the phone for who knows how long to cancel my subscription. I might just get those earrings and call it quits with Jewelmint.

swtlitocherrie said...

yea jewelmint really isn't anything special, I think they just got a lot of good publicity from the right people. I think the ear rings are worth it but many of their products are not.

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