Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lush Haul

Every year after Christmas, Lush has a sale. This year the sale was buy one get one free on all of their wrapped gifts, the holiday gifts as well as the year round gifts. In addition, it was buy one get one free on all of their holiday products. Both are good deals for someone like me who is still pretty new to lush and just want to try as many different products as possible.

Lush products are generally on the more expensive side because everything is handmade and they try to use as much natural products as they can. While I love eco-friendly and green stores like Lush, I am not made of money. So when great sale opportunities arrive such as this sale, I knew I had to big up a few things.

I picked up the sumo santa bath bomb, the plum fairy sugar scrub, the joy to the world gift and the snow fairy gift set.

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